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Podere Paradisino


Podere Paradisino is a young project born from the passion for the territory and its fruits, a journey in search of the authentic flavors that have made Tuscany famous in the world. We want to be an example of sustainable exploitation of the environment where our crops become a landscape element as well as a source of products of excellence.

Via Matteotti, 36 53045 Montepulciano

Ragione sociale: Società agricola
Regione di appartenenza: toscana
Settore: Vino
Produzione: Vini rossi

Chi siamo

A short distance from the sixteenth-century San Biagio Temple, where the walls of Montepulciano merge with the vineyards, stands Podere Paradisino farm with its 13 hectares of land and almost 1000 square meters of buildings framed by rows of vines, olive trees and centuries-old cypresses. In this enchanted place, with firm roots in the historic center but with an eye to the Crete Senesi, they see the light and refine our wines that mature in the cellar before enlivening the tables of the whole world. Inside each of our bottles there is a passion to share, a moment to remember, the essence of the truest Tuscany. Our vineyards of Paradisino, Colombelle and Casetta thanks to the mixture of sands and clay of the soil and a particularly favorable climate and exposure allow us to produce high quality wines while the olive trees grown in the shade of the city walls give an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.