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September, 8th 2022

(by Lorenzo Biscontin) Labhornet – the company that created Vinophila, the first metaverse of wine aand alcoholic beverages – stood out in the latest edition of the Innovation & Excellence Awards organized by the English publisher Corporate LiveWire, winning the Most Innovative In New Event Technology category.

Vinophila, the first metaverse of wine and alcoholic beverages, was recognized for “the potential to bring about a big change in the sector”. The jury awarded the versatility and usefulness of the technology developed by Labhornet with the contribution of Advepa 3D for business, an Italian company specializing in creating metaverses for businesses. Digital Expo, congress center, meeting point for institutions, wineries, sector operators and consumers, Vinophila allows to increase the involvement of the public by expanding the reach of traditional channels. The natural predisposition of the metaverse to live a process of continuous evolution and improvement is also rewarded. An example of this is the latest implementation, introduced at the end of July, dedicated to the e-shop: the new functionality allows, in a single click, direct access to the e-commerce of the exhibiting company, accompanying the virtual visitor in a rich itinerary, which begins with the informative-cognitive phase and then translates into potential purchases.

“An important recognition for Vinophila – declared Lorenzo Biscontin, founder and Sole Director of Labhornet – which confirms the ability of the metaverse to promote growth and innovation in the wine & spirits sector. It is clear to everyone that the reality we live in today consists of an increasingly close integration between physical and digital-virtual. The world is evolving in this direction and the wine sector has a duty to keep pace by taking on the role of innovator, to maintain and increase contact with people “.

The Innovation & Excellence Awards are promoted by Corporate LiveWire, an English publishing platform that publishes the magazine of the same name in physical and digital format and numerous guides dedicated to specific topics of business management globally. The recognition was created with the aim of rewarding companies that, thanks to their innovative approach, contribute to the development of the sector in which they operate.

“We dedicate this award – concludes Lorenzo Biscontin – to our exhibitors and partners who believed in Vinophila when it was still in the initial phase of the project. It is thanks to them that today we have managed to transform it into a reality that represents a competitive advantage in the relations with the market. The Innovation & Excellence Award is also a recognition of their pioneering vision “.

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